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Lost Dungeons of Norrath

Getting started

This is not a complete listing yet. However, I will do my best to get the basics here and add to it as more information becomes available. This is a compilation from many sources. Most of from the members of The Runes. I want to thank each and every one of you for providing the rest of us with the information!

First, everyone must go to their hometown and speak to a specific NPC. When you zone into your town you will receive a message of who to see and where they are located. If for some reason you are unable to return to your hometown, you may see an NPC in Rathe Mountains.

If you are LDON enabled, the first time you zone into an adjacent zone to your home town you will get a message. Once you zone into your home town a new message will come up that will tell you specifically who you need to speak with.

I'm not sure on other races, however the Dark Elf NPC is located in Neriak 3rd Gate.

Second, *this if you wish to pick up an augmentation for your charm slot* head to the tunnel in EC. Next to Shady there is a Bard NPC (didn't write down his name sorry) Hail him and say "adventures" you will get a flag. Now say to him "farstone magic" you will receive an Adventures Stone. Woot your first augmentation! In this same general area there is a birdbath looking item. Click on it and put your Adventures Stone and your Charm slot item and click combine. Your charm is now augmented. It will increase in power as you complete adventures I assume.

If not you can now go to any camp and start your adventure.

You will find several NPC's here and at other camps. Some are recruiters, the ones who give you the adventure. Some are vendors where you purchase spells and other items. And all camps will have an NPC that's Magus _insert proper name here. These are the NPC's that will transport you to other camp locations.

Now form up your group. The group or raid leader will be the one who has to decide on the type of adventure as well as the difficulty setting (see below). Once the group leader accepts a quest, everyone in the party will get a pop up message giving them the basic quest info. After you have read it just close the box.

You will now notice a blue mark on your compass. Just follow the blue mark, it will lead you to the entrance. You have 30 min to get to the dungeon entrance and zone in. Note that once you zone in your 90 min timer starts. Do ALL of your buffing before you enter or you will waste valuable time. Locations of Adventure camps and the dungeon zones are below.

Difficulty Settings, Types and Themes


There are 4 types or goals for each "theme" ( I will explain that in a bit) and 2 levels of difficulty.

Normal setting-
This is based on a level 60-65 group. Your mileage will vary depending on your group level. Equivalent to Tier 1 / Tier 2 plane mobs.

Hard setting: Equivalent to Elemental plane mobs.


Assassination: You kill a Boss Mob located at the back of the dungeon. It will spawn when 60% of the mobs in a zone have been killed.

Rescue: . Your quest is to save an NPC. You fight your way there and walk it back to the beginning. The NPC spawns immediately, however it will not go with you until 60% of the mobs are dead. Though this has not been verified, it's possible that you can set off traps on your way back.

Collection: In this adventure you collect items that drop off random mobs. As soon as the last piece is looted you have completed the quest.

Slaughter: You go in and exterminate the dungeon. You will need to kill 50-60 mobs in order to succeed.



Adventure NPC: In E Commons Tunnel, near Shady
orcs, goblins, boars
Dungeon locations: Mostly Oasis, though someone said there was also one in S Ro

Adventure NPC: In NRO, to the west where the grass meets the sand by Freeport North Ro
desert elves, summoned mobs
Dungeon locations: NRo and Oasis

Deepest Guk
Adventure NPC: In South Ro, a bit south of where the grass and sand meet, off towards the west (head westish from the wizard platform)
undead frogloks
Dungeon locations: Innothule Swamp and Upper Guk

Adventure NPC:
In Butcherblock just a little ways out from the gfay zone
vampires, undead, werewolves
Dungeon locations: All in Lesser Faydark

Adventure NPC: Everfrost, near the point of the fork in the river on the map
magical beings

Dungeon locations: All in Everfrost

Group and Raiding Adventures

Group Adventures

Basic group information: A group must have 4-6 people. The maximum range in levels is either 6 or 7. The group leader ONLY must ask for the adventure. He/She will have to make the choice of what type of adventure the group will be doing. Remember there are 4 types.

They all share a 90 min limit. You must complete your quest BEFORE the 90 min or you have failed. You can check your progress by using the alt + v command. Should you not complete the quest within 90min, you are given an additional 30 min to complete the task for lesser reward points. The higher your level the higher you're point reward.

Raiding Adventures

- Raid level encounter will require a minimum of 18 and will allow up to 36 players.
- Raiders of all levels (all the way up to VT, PoTime levels) will find challenges in LDoN.
- LDoN raids (as in raid raid, not the group dungeon crawl) are targeted at high end raiders "since those players are most in need of additional contents."
- Your raid members must all be at least level 60, with a required level average of 63.
- Each member of your raid must complete at least two
adventures in the theme you wish to raid in.
- Once you have successfully completed or failed a raid adventure, you will need to wait five real-life days to do the same raid adventure again. For example, if you take on the raid in Deepest Guk, when you fail or succeed on that raid, you will have to wait five days to try again.

Same 90 min rule applies to raid mode as well.

Reward Points

(Again this is from a level 65. If you are lower you will receive slightly less points)

Completed Adventure within 90 min limit

Normal Setting - 51
Hard Setting - 71
Raiding Mode - 30

Completed Adventure with the additional 30 min added.

Normal Setting - 13
Hard Setting - Unknown
Raid Mode - Unknown


Now your asking yourself what do I do with these points? Simple, you can purchase your spells (the only way to get them) some augmentations. . One of the things I noticed right off the bat is the augmentations that I saw at the vendor granted bonuses while you were in a LDoN dungeon. I'm sure they are not all like that, but this was something I noticed on the ones I was able to see.

But wait, it's not QUITE that simple! The following text was taken from the Necro Boards. He explained how it worked so well that I see no point in trying to put it in my own words and mess it up.

Merchants will only sell you items that cost no more than the total number of points you have earned in that theme. This means if you have done 10 normal adventures in Deepest Guk, you can buy anything that costs up to 510 points (51 x 10) from the merchant in south ro. If these 10 adventures are your only wins, then you cannot buy anything at all from the other four themes, even though you might have 510 unspent points.

Points you earn can be spent anywhere. So if you did not spend those 510 points, and then went and did 10 more adventures in Mistmoore, you would have a total of 1020 points. You could spend all 1020 of those points at either the Butcherblock or south ro camps, but you would not be able to buy any one item that cost more than 510 points from either one. If you saved your points, and then you then did two adventures in Miragul's, you would have 1122 points unspent, but would not be able to buy anything more expensive than 102 points at the everfrost camp. You could buy 11 100 point items if you wanted there, but nothing that cost more.

Adventure merchants only display items you are currently allowed to buy, and a few extra items that you can almost buy. This means that if you only have 510 points in Deepest guk, then the most expensive item you will be able to see on the merchant will be an item that costs around 600 points. There may be a super uber item for 3000 points, but you will not know until you get close to having 3000 total earned points in guk. Note, this is based on the total points you have earned in a theme, not how many points you have unspent.

Enchanters also have a spell list with locations going that Nanyea is updating constantly. You can find that thread here. Please! Add to the list if you come across one that's not listed!

This is what we have so far. The number in " ( ) " is the spell cost.

All vendors
Spell: Wuggan's Greater Extrication(NEC/MAG/ENC) (60)
Spell: Wuggan's Greater Discombobulation(NEC/MAG/ENC) (60)
Spell: Wuggan's Greater Appraisal(NEC/MAG/ENC) (60)

Spell: Ordinance(ENC) (180)

Spell: Guard of Alendar(ENC) (72)
Spell: Reflect(ENC)(410)

Deepest Guk
Spell: Protection of Alendar(ENC) (410)

Spell: Bulwark of Alendar(ENC) (650)

Spell: Bounce(ENC) (72)

Enchanters and LDoN

Enchanter Spell List: LDoN - For now you may find basic information here

List of charmable Mobs by Theme -

Guk - Eyeballs (witness of hate/warrior, and dazzling occulus/chanter) charmable
Mistmoore - Mummies (crypt keepers, and embalmers)charmable
East Commons orcs - Wolves (Slave Slayers) Charmable
Takish - Summoned Golemns (rock guys) charmable
Miragul - Flying monkies (holgresh) charmable






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