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Quest Spells - Leviathon Eyes

Leviathon Eyes - Level 44

Starts in Gunthak with Ofala Olan

This quest results in a Scroll of Leviathan Eyes.

1) Tell Ofala Olan that you "will assist" her and she will give you a container. You need to say "I will assist you" exactly.

2) Kill Lotus' in the Gulf of Gunthak(in the caves) until you will receive a Blue Lotus Petal. The petal you want is a No Drop item. There are 2 similar items that drop. The other is stackable and sellable.

3) Give the Blue Lotus Pebble to Latiza Trelune in the Gulf of Gunthak. She is found underwater at +300, +20. She will give you a Mermaid Scale.

4) Kill Mushrooms in the Gulf of Gunthak(in the caves) until you have Pungent Fluid also No Drop.

5) Combine hte Pungent Fluid and the Mermaid Scale in to the container that Ofala Olan gave you at the beginning of the quest.

6) Give the item that resulted from the combine to Ofala Olan in the Gulf of Gunthak for your reward.

Leviathon Eyes Scroll
No Drop
1: See Invisible(1)
2: Ultravision
3: Water Breathing(1)

No reagents required




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