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Quest Spell - Scryers Trespass

Scryers Trespass- Level 52
Starts with Ofala Olan in Gunthak

Ask her about her brother, and she will tell you about Stofo Olan in Erudin. She wants 2 Gleaming Orbs of Zraxthril,and an enchanted bar of gold. The Orbs can be found in Torgiran Mines. They are random drops off any mob in the zone. BTW while you are fighting there, occasionally a miner will drop a key. Keep these! When a resistance miner spawns, give them the keys for exp and faction. At the writing of this, the faction messages are broken. I will update as soon as it's known what factions are affected. After giving them the key they will despawn.

Give Ofala the 2 Gleaming Orbs of Zraxthril and an enchanted bar of gold. You will recieve a ring and a note. (BTW the Orbs can be MQ'ed)

Head to Erudin and find Stofo Olan. (he's in the Inn) and hand him both of the items to recieve your new scroll!


Scryers Trespass
1: Decrease Mana by 50 per tick
2 : Increase Mana by 50 per tick
Duration: 1 min
Recast: 200





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