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Quest Spells - Tashani

Tashani - Level 44

Starts in Temple of Solusek Ro with Romar Sunto

You say, 'Hail Romar Sunto'
-Romar Sunto says 'I am Romar Sunto, servant of Solusek Ro. I am searching for the [coin] of the mighty enchanter [Tash] - if you are interested in helping me acquire it, I will [reward] you with a powerful spell. I am also a dispenser of the Staff of Ro, sometimes also called [darkwood staves].

You say, 'What tash'
-Romar Sunto says 'Tash was a mighty enchanter and master jewelcrafter.

You say, 'What reward'
- Romar Sunto says 'I will reward you with a scroll for the spell Tashania. For personal use, of course.

You say, 'What coin'
- Romar Sunto says 'Tash had a collection of ten antique silver coins that were left in different cities around the world. If you were to collect all 10 coins, I would give you a [coin pouch] that would let you combine them into the maser coin of Tash. If you are interested, I will sell you a copy of the Tome of Tash, detailing where the coins were reportedly left, for a mere 50 gold.

You say, 'What coin pouch'
- Romar Sunto says 'I will lend you this coin pouch - put all 10 antique silver coins into it and combine them into the Coin of Tash.

Now go collect the 10 coins. The following info was taken from the Enchanter Board at castersrealm. It was noted on the boards that the Grobb and Oggok loc's were switched. Below was taken exactly from the original posts, so be prepared to try other location.
* = my personal comments
*all coins will look like small bags

-Erudin 725, 760
in the pool outside the guilds in the palace

-Halas -127, 175
In lake in front of city to the left of docks on a ledge

-Qeynos -90, -440
Under Temple of Life UFO in the Koalindl Fish Pool

-Oggok 200, -255
in lake near warrior guild at the north end

-Grobb 100, 100
in pool near bar where you first enter the zone

-Akanon 1989, -257
Near great wheel (it will not be in the water) I had a difficult time finding my way around here. Posted was this advice..Ask a guide "where great wheel" and follow him.

-Freeport 122, -743
Under the mage guild building in the water

-Neriak 0, -791
Ouside blind fish window
*There is no need to swim for this one. When you zone into the various areas of Neriak there are no guards close by so you are safe. Cast Illusion Dark Elf, and invis (just in case) run through the large gate in front of you and head left. Go through those gates and make a right. You will see a walkway going into the rock off on towards the left. Run through it, zone. Now, illusion DE, invis. Follow the path, past the Priest of Discord and through 2 sets of gates. After 2nd gate go left, through that gate and turn left again. Follow path around. The first building on the left is the one you want. Open the door, head down the stairs. The Blind Fish will be the first door on the right. Open it and turn right, go down the stairs. Head to the window on the LEFT. Through the window you will see the bag, (as well a rod for a wizzy quest) Pick up the bag through the window. Gate.. sheew!

-Kaladim 66, 358
Pool by warrior's guild

-Felwithe -114, -790
at the edge of the fishing pond

Combine all 10 coins in the bag Romar gave you to get a 'Coin of the Tash'

Find Tarn Visilin in Highkeep Library

You say, 'hail Tarn Visilin'
-Tarn Visilin says 'Hello. I am Tarn Vislin.

Give Tarn the Coin of Tash

Tarn Visilin says 'The Coin of Tash! Very good. I have laid a basic enchantment on it - to get it further enchanted you must take the coin to Mizr N'Mar in the Library of Neriak.

Your faction standing with BetaNeutral got better.
You gain experience!!

Receive 'Glowing Coin of Tash'

-Find Mizr N'Mar in Neriak Library
* to get to the library follow the same directions as above to get the Neriak coin except instead of turning into the first building on the left (to The Blind Fish) keep going forward. You will see 2 guards and the hallway to the next zone. Zone.. cast illusion DE, and invis. This part of the run is a bit longer that the previous zones. Be familar with where you are going and no sightseeing LOL. Follow path until it opens. Make right. Follow pathway, make the next first right. Follow pathway, make another right. Follow that pathway. Go through the gate and make a left. You will see the library. Mizr is in the back, the NPC in the middle.

You say, 'hail Mizr N`Mar'

Mizr N`Mar says 'Have you come to buy a scroll from me?
Give Mizr the 'Glowing Coin of Tash
Receive 'Gleaming Coin of Tash'

Find Raine Beteria in Erudin Library

You say, 'hail Raine Beteria'
- Raine Beteria says 'Welcome. I am Raine Beteria.

Give Raine the 'Gleaming Coin of Tash'
She will give you another coin.
Note: MUST have high faction with Raine or she will keep the coin.

Return to Romar in Sol and give him the coin Raine gave you.

He will give you a NO DROP Tashani Scroll





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